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Activity Book for Endless Creativity and Learning



Tajuk : Activity Book
Penerbit : Habupar Sdn. Bhd
Halaman : Bewarna
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Dimensi (cm) : 25 x 18 x 1


“In ‘Activity Book,’ parents and their kids are encouraged to explore the world of books together, creating meaningful and educational activities that foster a love for reading and learning.” This resource aims to help parents save time while engaging their child in stimulating activities that promote development.

With a focus on quality bonding time, this book offers a variety of activities that cater to different developmental stages. From sensory exploration for infants to language development for toddlers and creative storytelling for preschoolers, each activity is designed to be enjoyable and educational.

Parents will find practical tips and guidance on how to use books effectively as a tool for bonding and learning. The activities are easy to set up with materials that are commonly found at home, making it convenient for busy parents. “Activity Book” is not just a book, it’s a companion for parents looking to create lasting memories with their child while nurturing their development.

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